Friday, 10 February 2017


Before taking any nutritional supplement, check with your health care professional regarding its appropriateness. Should you experience an allergic reaction, especially abnormal bowel function, to any supplement, immediately discontinue usage.  Nutritional supplements are use to close nutritional gap in the body and capable of reversing some health conditions.

Please Not: These product do the work of rehabilitation, it try to close the nutrition gap in the body for so many years, so do not expect it to work like drug. It majorly do the work of correction, so it is a gradual process and need to take for long period of time for better result. 

It is now established fact that we can no longer get the adequate nutrients from the food we eat, for so many reasons beyond our control. So supplementing is now a must, if we must live healthy. It is better to make your food your medicine, than making your medicine your food.

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